Romsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Do you want to know more about honey bees?

Our 2021 Taster Day was a one-day course for those who want to know more about bees and beekeeping before taking their curiosity a step further and booking a place on a beginners' course.

Thank you for showing your interest by coming to this page. This course is now fully booked.

A Taster Day covers:
  • A little light theory about the lifecycle of the honey bee, a beekeeper's tasks through the year, the importance of forage and pollinators
  • We will visit the bees, open a hive, and everyone will be able to handle a frame of bees under supervision
  • Practical sessions include lighting a smoker, making a frame, taking an empty hive apart to see what is inside, and a few words about stings and safety
  • Local honey is available for tasting and purchase

We can lend protective clothing but you would need to bring sturdy footwear and gloves; wellies and washing-up gloves are perfect.

If you would like further information or to be contacted when the date for Taster Day 2022 is announced, please email gillian.j.bird@btinternet.com

Please be aware that a taster day is a good lead into a beginners' course but is not adequate preparation for taking on a colony of bees.